Quinborne Update 1.02.21

Happy Valentine's Day

So, as we head into a new and hopefully much brighter 2021, we thought we would give you an update on our plans moving forward.

All being well government guidelines will allow us to be in a position to reopen the centre on Monday 8th March 2021, this is assuming that Birmingham has been placed into Tier 2.

If, however Birmingham is still in Tier 3 on the 8th January we will struggle to reopen the building as the guidelines are very restrictive, we will know more in the next few days and will update the website accordingly.

Regardless of whether we are able to open the centre, Happy Corner Nursery is open and running as normal.

As we have mentioned before a substantial number of changes have taken place in the centre and these include introducing a one-way system around the building, stop and go points, staggering group start and finishing times and potentially introducing a queuing system for entrance to the building.

There will also be hand sanitiser points placed at numerous junctions throughout the building, Perspex screens will have been erected, all additional furniture will have been removed from rooms and stored outside of the building, there will be no tables in the foyer / corridors allowing for a better flow of traffic and all tables and chairs will be sanitised between groups and classes.

You will also see numerous posters and signs regarding Coronavirus around the centre as well as in all the rooms. Warning signs will also be placed on the entry doors advising you not to enter if you are showing any signs of Covid-19.

We have also made changes to the taps in all of the toilets so there will be no issues with water pressure and hot water.

Sadly, we are still not in a position to open the Starr Café and with Birmingham currently sitting in Tier 3 of the government restrictions, this may be the case for some time.

We will of course stay up to date with the government guidelines and make changes where and when it is applicable to do so.

As far as Quinborne is concerned the main thing is for all of us to make all our users feel as safe and secure as possible.

Stay tuned to the website for more information and all that leaves us to do is wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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